About The Red Saloon

In a saloon, guests and passers-by share their story with people from different backgrounds and from other generations. This makes the saloon a source of experience, wisdom and emotion.

Red, the color of passion and the proverbial thread that runs through all the stories and connects these and the people.

THE RED SALOON is an environment where inspiring stories get their musical shape. High quality, with depth and emotion.

The Red Saloon focuses on making cinematic music, which can apply to multiple expressions.

  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Fashion shows, Museums
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate films
  • TV en online Commercials,
  • Online Events
  • Soundbranding
  • Songs for artists

About the composer

Pieter Straatman (1968) is a composer, pianist and orchestrator based in the Netherlands. His cinematic idiom is a refined synthesis of the epic, lyric and dramatic, with compositions reflecting psychological insights and natural phenomena in contradiction and symbiosis.

Straatman’s music can be heard in many commercials, films like Roald Dahl’s The Swan and Playing in Savage Paradise, award winning docs like Grown in Detroit and  and the popular Dutch TV-series Dokter Deen.

As a composer for hire as well as in his personal work, Straatman draws from the paradoxes inherent to humanity: serenity and heroism, euphoria and despair, vulnerability and power.

Pieter shows his versatility in application and genre in his applied compositions.

Scientific and psychological interest

What does sound, music do with our brain? What effects do sounds have on our thoughts, feelings and behavior? Pieter has delved into this and supplements his intuitive power to strengthen the experience of the listener.

Studio design.

With his knowledge of acoustics and studio construction, he creates the optimum sound experience.

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Music communication

For many contractors, music is an abstract and difficult item to put in words. How do you find the right style & sound for your film. There’s many music out there, and lot’s of composers. In fact, due of the technical possibilities now and in the future, almost anyone can make music. But if you want to find music with a heart, which touches the base of what you’re looking for, you need to communicate about it. Here at The Red Saloon we will guide you through this process and find the right touch together.

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We are well aware of the fact that music- and copyrights are a necessary job. The world of copyrights throughout the last decades hasn’t changed as much as you’d think. We’re always happy to help out with this with our own knowledge or that of our partners.

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